“Let them eat cake”


Not so fast, Marie Antoinette! Think of the calories!


Literacy Now has a sweet alternative - a No Bake Cake Sale.


You don’t have to bake a cake, buy a cake or even leave your home - just donate the amount you might have spent at our Bake Sale:


$30 Frosted Devil’s Food Cake

$25 Dozen Delectable Fudge Brownies

$20 Plate of Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

$20 Granny’s Homemade Granny Apple Pie

$15 Six Assorted Iced Cupcakes with Sprinkles

$?? Any donation is appreciated!


We are happy to help all the people wanting our assistance, but we need your support to maintain all our services. So participate in our No Bake Cake Sale now, save calories and get that sweet feeling of knowing that you are helping Camden County become a better place to live, to work, and to learn.


Make your tax-deductible donation below, or mail your check, made out to Literacy Now, to Literacy Now, 203 Laurel Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043 or call our office  856-772-1636, ext. 7331 for more information.

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"Raise Your Hand" is a familiar phrase
used to show support or participation.


  •  In school, we raise our hand to let the teacher know we have the answer.
  • At a meeting, we raise our hand to signal we want to join the discussion.
  • At an auction, we raise our hand to alert the auctioneer we are bidding.

Thanks to the generosity of residents, businesses and civic organizations of Camden County who raise their hands for literacy, we are able to provide financial support for many of the LVCC materials and programs.

Join other community members and RAISE YOUR HAND for literacy.
All financial donations are greatly appreciated. Your support will change someone's life at home, at work and in our own community.

Raise your hand for literacy

LiteracyNow is a Camden County based non-profit organization. All donations go directly to LVCC for such expenses as
• books, workbooks,
• newspapers and magazines,
• videos
• field trips,
• internet based programs
• registration fees for conferences & professional development