About Us

In 1998, the Literacy Volunteers of Camden County (LVCC) Board of Advisors voted to found a non-profit organization dedicated solely to fund-raising on behalf of the LVCC. Today this organization is known as LiteracyNow, Friends of Literacy Volunteers of Camden County.


The purpose of Literacy Now is to:

  • Provide funds through public campaigns as needed to enhance LVCC programs.
  • Encourage citizens, civic and social organizations, business and industry to make loans, gifts, grants or bequests of money in support of programs, volunteers and staff.



Mission Statement

LiteracyNow, the Friends of Literacy Volunteers of Camden County (LVCC), is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the LVCC through fundraising and other activities. LiteracyNow strives to raise the public's awareness of the effects of illiteracy on individuals, families and the entire community. Our members are committed to aiding LVCC in its efforts to reach adult learners, and we pledge to support the goals and purposes of the LVCC Advisory Board.

Board Members

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